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*The first Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts music compilation is out NOW as a double tape set and as a download from Nuns Like To Fence* (

Before I get into the details of all this, I need to take a little time here to thank three extremely important people who gave there all in helping to make this record a reality:

First, I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Marc Rothe from Semaphore Baltimore. Semaphore is a brand name for the services that Marc provides as a recording engineer, graphic designer, and record producer (additionally, Rothe also occasionally contributes work to my music/conceptual art project Human Host). Semaphore is also the name of the record label which Marc Rothe runs, and Semaphore will soon be putting out a Towson-Glen Arm-related recording that will be separate from the TGAF series, so keep an eye out for that. Though I supervised every element of the first two TGAF records, Marc mastered and produced both records. To say the least, this was a gargantuan task. His patience and technical expertise in all of the laborious, often tedious, elements of the production of these compilations was crucial in every sense of the word, as was his ability to put up with my perfectionism, my forgetfulness, and my occasionally confusing spaciness.

If you follow the indie rock/experimental music scene in Baltimore, Md., you will no doubt recognize the name Jimmy MacMillan. Jimmy is one half of the dynamic duo that runs the illustrious Baltimore label Friends Records (the other fellow in charge at Friends is Brett Yale). When I first began working on the TGAF albums I had contacted Jimmy to get some advice on tape replication since I really loved the sound quality of the tapes released on Friends. Jimmy replied by informing me that they did all the replication themselves with their own in-house tape replicating decks. Jimmy also told me that he appreciated and enjoyed the work I’d done documenting Towson-Glen Arm via this blog, so, despite his many other pressing responsibilities, he offered to replicate all the tapes of the first TGAF comp for free. He also accepted the job of handling all of the mail order business for the record. This cut a fairly large expense of money and time out of the whole project, plus if I had followed my original plan of either paying someone to replicate the tapes or if I had done it super-ultra-d.i.y. style on my own tape deck, there’s no doubt this record would’ve taken forever to come out. So a big thanks goes out to Jimmy MacMillan/Friends Records for providing TGAF1 with the high quality replication and mail order support.

Finally, I must offer a heartfelt thanks to Lisa Riley. Lisa was a college student attending UMBC back in the later days of Towson-Glen Arm (1995-1997) and at that time she became very close with several major artists in the scene, most notably the late Eli Jones. Despite living in the internet age where a comprehensive search for an individual can often take mere seconds, Jones’ next of kin were pretty hard to find. Work on the first TGAF blog post was completed around May of last year, but the blog didn’t go up unitl August mostly due to the fact that the whereabouts of Eli Jones’ parents remained unknown until later last summer. My ability to connect with Eli’s folks came mainly through Lisa Riley when she shared some important personal details about Jones’ family that were previously unknown to me. This information led me to begin communicating with Eli’s parents who, ever since, have been nothing but supportive of this project and other subsequent projects documenting Jones’ life and work.

(l-r) Recording engineer/archivist Chris James, Eli Jones’ father Jimmy Jones, and Mike Apichella; 10/21/2012.(photo by Suzy Jones)

O.k., so now that Marc Rothe, Jimmy MacMillan, and Lisa Riley have all gotten their standing ovations….

The first volume of Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts features old school d.i.y./cut-and-paste/photo copied cover art created in the Towson-Glen Arm design style. This release also includes a 40 page booklet of track notes and an 11×17 insert featuring a collage made up of reproduced graphic art from the Towson-Glen Arm era. The flip of this collage will feature a collection of some of the scene’s best writing culled from original period zines, literary journals, High School literary magazines, writers’ private collections, and other vintage sources. Additionally, the first 10 folks who mail order this album will get an extra free limited edition poster featuring a reproduced Lou Thomas design piece that is one of the greatest Towson-Glen Arm concert flyers ever made. This 11×17 poster will also feature a brief summary detailing the political and artistic significance of that flyer’s design.

The first TGAF compilation will also be much longer than any other volume in the series, equivalent in length to a *four l.p. set* containing a comprehensive overview of the best, most original, and evocative recordings of the era. The second Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts collection will also be out soon as a download from Nuns Like To Fence, which is also where you can buy the first TGAF comp as a download (with truncated track notes and fewer graphics than the tape version).

A physical release of TGAF2 will hopefully be out sometime later this year or early next year, and plans for TGAF3, TGAF4, and other Towson-Glen Arm projects are in the works as you read this.

And here is a note that should be of special interest to fans of 90’s/early 2000’s hardcore punk: the tape version of TGAF1 will feature not one, but two previously unreleased 1999 recordings by Charm City Suicides : the original first recordings of ‘Pizza’ and ‘Pesticide Rock’ both of which appear in very different later recordings on CCS’ two l.p.’s. The tape and download versions of TGAF1 both feature ‘Pizza’, while ‘Pesticide Rock’ is an exclusive tape-only bonus track.

*All profits* made from the sale of *all* the Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts compilations will go directly to these very worthy causes:

music4more ( – a Baltimore, Md. based organization dedicated to supporting music education programs with a special focus on benefitting those of schools in low income communities in the U.S.

Grass Roots Crisis ( – based in Columbia, Md., Grass Roots provides a 24-hour resource to individuals who may be contemplating suicide, a 24-hour phone and walk-in crisis center, and educational resources for any one who has been touched by the tragedy of suicide.

UPDATE – 11/4/2017: In addition to music4more and Grass Roots Crisis, profits from the sale of TGAF will now go toward an educational fund set up for Penny Woodstock, the young daughter of the late Towson-Glen Arm artist Jon Woodstock

Issues regarding the wider distribution of TGAF tapes are still being worked out, but we are NOW ready to take mail-orders for TGAF1 (for wholesale info and prices on single orders of more than 3 copies please email the address below.)

Please send all orders/payments to this address: mikeap(dot)ichella(at)gmail(dot)com

Only PayPal transactions will be accepted.

Mail order prices for The Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts double tape set are…
1 copy = $15 post paid in the U.S.
1 copy = $24 eastern/central Canada
1 copy = $28 western Canada
1 copy = $28 Australia/New Zealand
1 copy = $33 Europe/U.K./Asia/Africa/anywhere else

2 copies = $23 ppd. U.S.
2 copies = $32 ppd. eastern/central Canada
2 copies = $39 ppd. western Canada
2 copies = $39 ppd. Australia/New Zealand
2 copies= $41 ppd. Europe/U.K./Asia/anywhere else

3 copies = $31 ppd. U.S.
3 copies = $40 ppd. eastern/central Canada
3 copies = $44 ppd. western Canada
3 copies = $44 ppd. Australia/New Zealand
3 copies= $49 ppd. Europe/U.K./Asia/anywhere else

Mike Apichella – March 2013

The cover of Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts 2 ; art by Tricia Lane-Forster (originally created for a flyer advertising a late 1994 concert at Towson State University that featured her band Spastic Cracker)

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