Alive And Well And Tattered

Damn…looks like I skipped out on blogging last month.

Well, I wasn’t tryin to, I swear, but let’s just say things got interesting in the non-blogisphere, so I had to put in some extra time in the outside world, that strange nonsensical place where you won’t find teenagers from the 90’s sitting around feverishly worshipping at an altar of obscure music and radical leftist politics…uh, yeah anyway…

Since I’m still recovering from the overload of interesting things that happened last month, I don’t really have a ‘traditional’ Towson-Glen Arm post ready just yet, so…

This morning, in a groggy/just woke up/zombie-esque haze, I unknowingly put on a pair of pants that I really thought I hated. The reason I hated these pants is cuz a few months ago, while wearing these pants, I fell down really hard in NYC’s Chelsea section shortly after getting off of a bus. I brutally skinned my knee, I even still have scars from the injury. The pants bear the marks of discoloration and still have a tiny rip in them where my knee got ground extra hard into the pavement.

I’ve been avoiding wearing these pants for months just cuz the site of that damage reminds me of how dumb and careless I felt after falling, not to mention how painful the injury was.

It wasn’t until I walked a few blocks from my apartment this morning that I realized I was wearing these most hated pants. The funny thing is, despite the negative association, these pants were actually really comfortable. They felt like any other pants I have. Right now, as I write this hours later, I’m still wearing them even and they still feel very comfy.

What this all means and what this could possibly have to do with an obscure art movement from the 90’s is beyond me, but I really felt compelled to share this with everyone out there…maybe this is just a weird metaphor for the creative work I’m usually covering here. It’s like this: if something is damaged, if something reminds you of a less than perfect time, even if something seems like trash, before you throw it away forever maybe just give it a second chance cuz you might find something of value in it that you’d taken for granted before, whether it’s a tattered pair pants or a warbly old cassette tape of crazy teens bangin on pots and pans all day.

A flyer for a 1994 Towson-Glen Arm show that occurred in the affluent Baltimore City neighborhood of Lake Evesham at The Church Of The Holy Redeemer. If you really dig this kinda crazy art and attitude, stay tuned - before the end of this year there will a post up featuring for the first part of an ongoing blog series all about the rise and fall Towson-Glen Arm's biggest band: avant-garde ska provocateurs The Preschoolers! (flyer art/design: unknown)

A flyer for a 1994 Towson-Glen Arm show that occurred in the affluent Baltimore City neighborhood of Lake Evesham at The Church Of The Holy Redeemer (flyer art/design: unknown)



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