Mysterious Towson-Glen Arm Ephemera

As I continue to put alot of extra work into finishing the 2nd part of the extensive Preschoolers bio*, I’m going to have to take a break from blogging. I’m not sure when the next TGAF post will be up after this one, but it’s possible there will be at least one new post before summer’s end. Part 2 of The Preschoolers’ story should appear around Christmas of this year.

In the meantime, I’m bringing back a bit of Towson-Glen Arm mystery that first came to my attention back in 2013. This was originally the subject of a TGAF blog post and some associated social media posts and was really mean’t to be only a temporary entry. Some of the TGA artists weighed in with some well thought out theories on this, but basically no further concrete info has surfaced about the artifact in question, so I’ve decided to repost it and leave it up for good in hopes that someone (anyone?!) can come up with an accurate description of what the heck is in the scan above.

Anyway, here’s the original 2013 blog post that I wrote about the mystery item:

This strange piece of Towson-Glen Arm ephemera was found buried in a massive archive of 1990’s d.i.y./indie/punk show flyers kept by a collector who wishes to remain anonymous. The collector in question had no recollection of how he got this roughly 1.5 x 2 inch shred of paper, but the band Disgruntled X-Postal Workers was definitely the name of an early combo that featured ex-members of TGA pioneers The Nudists and several of the original Preschoolers. Former members of The Disgruntled X-Postal Workers** drew a blank when questioned about this. The hand-written name at the top (Stranger Than Fiction) was that of a popular 90’s Baltimore, Md. grunge band; a member of that group also couldn’t recall anything about the meaning of this scrap of paper. The band Disgruntled X-Postal Workers probably never existed past early 1994. Other than that, there’s no other solid information currently available about this odd paper scrap, any of the names on it, or its origin. If anyone can elaborate on the meaning behind this piece, please email the address in the about section or leave a comment on this post.


* you can read part 1 of The Preschoolers’ story here: )

** the members of The Disgruntled X-Postal Workers:                                                                Dave Willemain – trombone/vocals                                                                                                    Bob Phair – trumpet/vocals                                                                                                                Lou Thomas – bass/vocals                                                                                                            Spence Holman – percussion/vocals                                                                                                Chris Teret – guitar/vocals

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