“An Ensemble Cast” parts 1 & 2 by M.A. and A.I.

“An Ensemble Cast” was a wacky collection of absurd/fake nicknames and caricatures created by Mike Apichella and Alan I.* (aka ‘M.A. + A.I.’) with most or about half the nicknames created by Alan; the hand drawn illustrations & lettering, and a few of the nicknames were created by Apichella. This cartoon poster portrays many major Towson-Glen Arm artists. “An Ensemble Cast” came out in early 1995 and was produced in an edition of about fifty or sixty 8.5×11 photocopies which were all distributed for free mostly to the people who appeared in the comic. Some copies (possibly as few as ten or less) featured ‘An Ensemble Cast’ part 2 printed on the flipside.

For the most part, this ridiculous document speaks for itself, but one special note should be made: there are two different fake/silly nicknames and illustrations here for the artist Eli Jones. That’s because Jones didn’t like the somewhat insulting nickname or the totally unrealistic illustration representing him in part 1 of the comic, so a new/less harsh sounding nickname and a more ‘realistic’ image were created for Jones. Both of these appear in ‘An Ensemble Cast’ part 2.

TGAF An Ensemble Cast 1

(courtesy of Lisa Starace)

(courtesy of Lisa Starace)

*the nickname ‘Bonkers’ was originally given to Scott Gilmore by Dave Willemain several years before the publication of ‘An Ensemble Cast’.

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