Happy 50th Birthday to Colophon

A link to a lengthy article appearing outside of this website doesn’t usually inspire a new post here at TGAF, but The Baltimore Sun newspaper has given cause for making a big exception to that rule.

The Sun recently ran a piece all about Towson High School’s Colophon literary/arts magazine as the publication celebrates its 50th anniversary. The article mentions two major Towson-Glen Arm figures: the esteemed writer/multi-media artist Alicia Jo Rabins who is well known to TGA fans as a founding member of The Nudists – the first TGA artists to release work publicly. Also in The Sun’s spotlight is retired Towson High English teacher William Jones, a journeyman educator and great writer in his own right who was one of a small group of teachers who served as a mentor, patron, and major influence for the Towson-Glen Arm movement (stay tuned for a special post about Jones to appear via TGAF in the near future).

More importantly, the piece reveals how the mainly student run Colophon helped to foster the development of ambitious experimental ideas for the TGA kids and countless other young visionaries. Kudos to The Sun’s Jonathan Pitts for putting together such a fine tribute to one of the great eclectic institutions that has made central Maryland a hub for challenging artists of the past, present, and future:


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