TGAF1 now available in NYC, Chicago, and beyond

A limited stock of the first Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts compilation is now on sale in the New York City area via the distribution table run by my pals in the awesome Bronx, NY band No One & The Somebodies. You can find this table set up at any of their shows (and also at many of their side project bands’ shows). Just check NOATS on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. to find out where they’re playing next

A limited stock of the first Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts compilation can also be found on sale at this wild record store in Brooklyn, NY:

Deep Cuts Record Shop
57-03 Catalpa Ave.
Ridgewood, Queens, New York

You can check’em out online too:

In Chicago, Il. you can find TGAF1 for sale via the Rainbow Bridge Distro. table, a fine one-stop for all your far out experimental music needs. Rainbow Bridge’s proprietor Angel Marcloid is one of the Windy City’s best avant garde music makers and they frequently tour with their numerous projects. Everything on their distro table can also be purchased via an online distro that bears the Rainbow Bridge name, so even if you don’t live in Chicago, even if you don’t go to shows too much, you can purchase a copy of TGAF1 from Rainbow Bridge right here:

FYI: Angel Marcloid’s current tour dates can be found via tumblr, facebook, and other reputable internet destinations.

You can also purchase TGAF1 from Westminster, Md.’s most esteemed d.i.y./underground label/distro Wall Ride Records via mailorder, and from the Wall Ride distro table – check Wall Ride’s site to find out where a Wall Ride band is playing next, chances are that’s where their distro table is headed next also:

Virginia, USA: the freaky southern locale that gave birth to Gwar, The Swingin’ Machine, Municipal Waste, Page 99, insane 45’s like Shirley Hughey’s ‘Pink & Green’ and Jade’s ‘Paper Man’, and tons of other monuments to weird awesomeness, including Chaotic Noise Productions a.k.a. CNP Records. Emerging in 1992 as Roanoke’s bastion of lo-fi madness at roughly the same time that Towson-Glen Arm exploded up in Md., the label moved permanently to Richmond, Va. a few years later and it continues to churn out giant gobs of crucial strangeness today. Back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s CNP Records was one of the few non-Md based record labels to give support to the TGA scene, specifically to TGA’s hardcore crew Charm City Suicides. A CCS track appeared on CNP’s 2001 compilation ‘Supersonic Sounds Of The Fuck You Movement’. This was one of the last records to feature a Towson-Glen Arm band. CNP’s ultimate legacy has been its status as the main outlet for the brutal, hilarious, adventurous, and just plain crazy multimedia works overseen by the legendary Jason Hodges: experimental music/noise fans know him from Mutawa and releasing early work by Paw Tracks artist Tickley Feather; hardcore fans know him from Suppression and Kojak; if you dig acid fried disco mutations (who doesn’t!?) then you know him from The Amoeba Men. Now, in yet another bold gesture of freaked out Md./Va. solidarity, CNP now counts as one of the select distributors carrying the first Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts compilation. You can buy TGAF1 at the CNP distro table which will be set up at most shows featuring Mutawa and/or Suppression. But of course you can also order it online from CNP – contact info/ordering info can be found at their totally rad blog-site:

The Defective Bat record label/distro has been around since the early 2000’s and has been the primary outlet for east coast DIY legend/mad genius/occasional Human Host contributor Aaron Waesche and his legion of creative outbursts, most notably the electronic mayhem of Steamy Wolves. Defective Bat’s base of operations is out in Pittsburgh, Pa. If you’re in Pittsburgh you can now purchase a copy of TGAF1 from Defective Bat at the distro table at any of the shows featuring Steamy Wolves or any other Def. Bat act, or you can mail order a copy of TGAF1 from them online – Def. Bat ordering info can be found here:

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