Mike Apichella’s first live solo show ever, w/ Violet LeVoit and guests; February 27th, 2017 in Baltimore, Md.

Now this is a mega-rarity: a post all about a NEW Towson-Glen Arm live show(!)

Mike Apichella (aka your humble blogger here) will be headlining a night of music and literary readings at Baltimore’s Windup Space on February 27th; doors open at 8pm. More info can be found at The Windup’s website:  http://www.thewindupspace.com/

Let’s dispense with the good old ‘3rd person’ stuff… this will be the first solo concert I’ve ever performed in front of an audience. I have performed and continue to perform solo live under the name Human Host* but within that context I’m playing material which is usually co-written/arranged with other members of the Human Host group. The show on 2/27 will feature material entirely composed and performed by me.

Though this will be my first live solo show, I have recorded extensively under my own name. Most of these recordings were done from the late 80’s to the late 90’s. Some have been lost and very few ever saw release during that time period, but those that were released back in the day are now re-issued on the first Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts compilation. You can hear these tracks via the links below. These tracks were originally recorded around 1995 but still sound like the material I’ll be performing on 2/27:

“Space Bike” by Mike Apichella

“The Last Day Of Summer” by Mike Apichella

Also on Feb. 27 the great Md expat writer/Towson-Glen Arm pioneer Violet Levoit** will be reading from her new novel “I Miss The World”. Well known for her involvement with the so-called ‘Bizarro’ literary movement of recent years, “I Miss…” showcases the Towson-Glen Arm aesthetic’s expansive quality to create a high energy outburst/narrative unlike any other you’ve ever read, a simultaneous  critique and celebration of pop culture and modern pathos set in the absurd yet beautiful Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles. Violet will be reading excerpts from “I Miss The World” and from some of her other less TGA-esque works.

Other artists performing on February 27th include writer China Martens, and the bands Violet Ripken and Preston Boxing Club.


*For a comprehensive/updated listing of Human Host shows check out humanhost.tumblr.com or the various HH related Facebook profiles

**You can read an in-depth piece about Violet LeVoit’s role in the genesis of the Towson-Glen Arm movement here: https://towsonglenarmfreakouts.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/violet-levoit-on-towson-glen-arm/

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