“To The Bridge, To The Bridge, Gotta Take It To The Bridge!”

tgaf - apichella, thompson, jack, photo by makowske, goin nuts at four corners Jacksonville, eaarly 90's

Goin nutz – absurd guerilla street theatre, Towson-Glen Arm style: l-r, Mike Apichella, Dan Thompson (of Colostomy Bag Pinada), and musician Jack Loercher confusing the livin’ hell out of Jacksonville, Md.’s Four Corners shopping center circa the early 90’s; photo and creative guidance by Scott Makowske

Oh, hi there! Yes, this is still an active blog. It’s been ages since a new post was made here, but that’s not because the project is running out of steam or ‘new’ material. No, there’s still plenty of TGA mayhem to be revisited, plenty of mega rare creative works to be rediscovered, and more wacked out photo documentation of the TGA crew in maximum anti-authoritarian action (i.e., the intentionally blurred, spazz-blasted Scott Makowske shot above)

But many responsibilities outside of blogging (responsibilites which seem to multiply all the time) have interfered with the ongoing effort to regularly archive TGA’s politically charged wackiness.

Til some more new original material makes it up here in a big way, it’s important to mention that one big twist in the Towson-Glen Arm tale came a few months ago when the legend of the “Journey Into The Night” tape (and it’s surprising/Preschoolers’ sparked cult following) was finally given a spotlight via a two part article published by the eclectic website Splice Today. The “Journey Into The Night” tape was a footnote in the TGA story, it was not created by any of TGA’s usual suspects, yet it was both anamolous and deeply connected to the scene, and it’s one of the most bizarre and fascinating works of outsider art ever to come from Maryland.

Links to both of the “Journey Into The Night” articles are presented below in chronological order:

Part 1:

Part 2:

….so, assuming that you still have your sanity after reading all that, there’s one last little addendum: As if the whole thing weren’t already totally unbelievable as is, apparently by some strange coinicidence all known copies of the tape have been lost(!), though a short sample from it does open up Silverfish Death’s ‘Guitar For Small Fries vol. 1’ tape. So if you know of anyone who might have a copy of the full recording please message the address in the ‘About’ section here cuz the world can never get enough weirdness and few things will ever be weirder than the “Journey Into The Night” tape.

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