Rabelaisian Hardcore: The Spectacle Of Lard Star

UPDATE – For the first time in nearly 25 years the music of Lard Star has been re-issued. A “new” Lard Star” digital e.p. featuring 8 of the craziest tracks from their split with Eve Pagoda is out now on Nuns Like To Fence:


New track notes are included as a part of this release. These fill in some of the blanks left by the piece re-blogged here partcularly in regard to L.S. member Jon Woodstock’s extreme attachment to the work of this infamous ‘Rabelaisian’ hardcore band. And a significantly higher quality copy of the only known photo of Lard Star serves as cover art for the e.p.

All profits made from this download release will be go toward the future educational costs of Penny Woodstock, daughter of the late Jon Woodstock.

Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts

Lard Star-Eve Pagoda Front Tape Cover Original The original front cover art and some of the credits of the spring 1994 Lard Star/Eve Pagoda split tape ‘The Glen Arm Garage Band Hotshots’. The title of this release was created by Jon Woodstock in tribute to a Yazoo Records collection of pre-World War II pop music called ‘Hawaiian Guitar Hotshots’* (art/design: Mike Apichella and Jon Woodstock)

Something very strange happened in suburban teenage America shortly after the 1991 Christmas holiday. The jock boys who used to pick on weirdos, punks, and nerds were suddenly wearing mohawks, Black Flag t-shirts, and ripped jeans. The cheerleaders and preppy girls who once poked fun at all the low budget thrift store styles preferred by arty kids and goth chicks were suddenly showing up to school in clashing plaid skirts and socks, dying their hair pink, and stomping about in the skinhead approved Doctor Marten brand boots. Only a few short weeks before that Christmas skinheads could be…

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