Mike Apichella – live on fri. August 24th at Trophy House in Baltimore

Mike Apichella early or mid 90's1Hi everybody, your humble blogger reporting here, just checkin in to let you know that on friday night 8pm August 24th I’ll be playing my second ever solo show in Baltimore, Md. at The Trophy Room. I’m probably gonna be the only Towson-Glen Arm artist on the bill, but my close friends Blood On The Mercy Seat are playing too. Like me, they’ve got a deep connection to Towson, and their material is predominantly improvised. They feature members of the great ultra weird noisy pop rock bands Rosemary Krust and Yes Selma, so if you like those bands you’ll love Blood On The Mercy Seat. Other great acts playing this show include the great Philly multi-media freaks Sieve and Boothe, so the whole event will be super fun all around.

Donations will be taken at the door, and Towson-Glen Arm recordings and lotsa other interesting creations will be available for sale so please bring some scratch.

The music I’m playing at this event will probably sound something like this:  https://nunsliketofence.bandcamp.com/track/mike-apichella-space-bike

(above: Mike Apichella circa the early/mid ’90’s; photo by Evelyn Apichella)

mike a 8-24

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